Winter Weather and Homeowners Insurance in Rhode Island

February 02, 2012

Winter can cause a lot of problems to a house, forcing residents to seek aid from their homeowners insurance in Rhode Island. RI may be the smallest state in the United States, but it still boasts pretty powerful winters. One issue for many residents is the ice dam, which may be deceivingly small, but which could cause major damage to a home if not taken care of quickly.

An ice dam is a section of ice that appears in the gutter or at the edge of the roof. It may not be very large, but it can be enough to stop melting snow from rolling off the roof.

Ice dams are caused when the heat of your home makes its way through the attic and warms the surface of the roof. The snow from the heated area melts and then refreezes once it encounters a lower part of the roof that is still below 32 degrees.

One of the most severe consequences of ice dams is the potential for water damage. With melted snow unable to leave the roof, the water starts to work its way through the nooks and crannies of the surface until it drips into the attic. Not only can this damage the insulation, walls and ceiling, it can also lead to mold.

To prevent ice dams, your attic needs to be kept at a consistent temperature. Proper insulation and ventilation will help you to achieve this.

Do you want to avoid winter claims on your homeowners insurance in Rhode Island?Residents who focus on preventative measures may be much ‘luckier’ when it comes to avoiding damage to their homes than those who don’t!