Why Homeowners Insurance in Rhode Island is a Must for Any Resident

January 04, 2012

Downtown Bristol!

Having enough coverage is an important component to factor in when shopping for homeowners insurance in Rhode Island. Residents may not have to worry as much as Floridians or Californians in the natural disaster department, but the state is still a coastal one, and that leaves a lot of opportunities for Mother Nature to leave her mark.

Besides a slew of shipwrecks, manufacturing fires, and plant explosions, the non-man-made disasters include a smattering of hurricanes and major flooding. For instance, in the spring of 2010, many Rhode Islanders found their cars and ground levels of their homes underwater after rains breached a levee.

After a flood, keep aware of road closures and traffic information. Keep in mind that six inches of moving water is strong enough to knock you off your feet. When you find that you must move in a flood, do so slowly, remembering that standing water may be electrically charged. Flooding may have also changed what was once familiar ground. Roads and, indeed, land itself may have washed away, and debris may be littering the ground beneath your feet.

Aside from federal flood insurance, you should have homeowners insurance in Rhode Island as well. Residents who survived the floods of 2010 know all too well the value of having coverage in place for a natural disaster. You can obtain coverage quotes by contacting our agency today.