Update your insurance after home renovations

July 09, 2012

People often put off necessary renovations for a very good reason. During a renovation there can be a bucket full of issues you may have to face that can impact on every aspect of your daily lives; everything from the basic disruption to daily life to your home security and your home insurance in RI.

Prior to beginning renovation work, it can be helpful to call your insurance agent to discuss how and when you are most likely to hit issues that could impact on your insurance. For instance, a large rebuild could compromise the security of your home, so you would be wise to look at how you might deal with that – whether it’s to pack up all your valuables and store
them off-site, or organize some kind of onsite monitoring of traffic so you’re always aware of who is there and whether they’re authorized.

Once the work is finished, you should review your insurance with your agent. The work you have done – even if it isn’t major – could impact on your policy. Changes to the property can change the value, and will almost certainly change the replacement costs you could face if there is a loss later on.

There are many changes around the home that can necessitate an alteration to your home insurance in RI. The rule of thumb is: any changes to property or the value of your home contents – check your insurance. Better safe than sorry