Solar Panels at John Andrade Insurance

Solar Panels at John Andrade Insurance

November 08, 2017

John Andrade Insurance is happy to announce that we have officially gone green with a solar panel installation that was recently completed at our downtown Bristol location at 559 Hope Street.

28 10-kw photovoltaic new solar array panels were installed on our roof a few weeks ago

Solar energy is the technology used to gather the sun’s energy and make it useable. We’re proud to stay updated in today’s renewable energy technology and also be able to say we are protecting the environment as well.

The solar panels were installed by the great team at Newport Renewables – led by co-founder & principal, Stuart Flanagan and Vice President of Business Development, Eoin Walsh.

Since 2010, Newport Renewables has been Rhode Island’s leading provider of clean energy solutions for families, businesses and communities. As a licensed general contractor, electrical contractor, and renewable energy professional, they design, build and operate zero energy homes and solar photovoltaic systems. Their focus is on clean energy projects that deliver perpetual benefits to their clients and the environment. Newport Renewables has a track record of success in delivering solar power, energy savings, and environmental benefits to schools, businesses, and government agencies.

Commercial solar power decreases and stabilizes your facility’s operating costs, yields an attractive return on investment, and can be a positive investment in the environment and economy.

Our agency takes pride in converting our business to solar as we believe it is right thing to do for the environment and community, showing our customers, employees and neighbors that an environmentally sustainable business is possible. Generating power at your facility reduces your operating costs for electricity and reduces the nation’s need for foreign energy.

Producing electricity on-site will decrease overhead and reduce the impact of utility cost volatility. Investing in solar power is a hedge against rising electricity prices, which will increase annually from 3-5%.