Rhode Island Hurricane Information

Rhode Island Hurricane Information

August 16, 2017

With hurricane season in full swing, our team at John Andrade Insurance would like to remind you of the importance of being prepared.

Your home isn’t only where your heart is — it’s where your money is. It’s probably your most valuable investment, which is why you have a homeowners insurance policy to protect it. Hurricanes, even if they don’t make landfall can still wreak havoc in Rhode Island.

According to the Weather Channel, the number of hurricanes and tropical storms begins to increase slowly through July and then rises in August, peaking in September. However, despite these statistics, there is no way of predicting exactly when these natural disasters will strike. Among the biggest hurricanes the Northeast has experienced, Irene and Katrina arrived in August, Earl in September, and Sandy hit in October just 5 years ago.

Since 2005, the Ocean State has experienced nearly 20 tropical storms, cyclones and hurricanes, including:

  • Hurricane Ida, 2009
  • Hurricane Earl, 2010
  • Hurricane Irene, 2011
  • Hurricane Sandy, 2012

The close call of Hurricane Sandy was enough to put Rhode Islanders on alert about the possibility of a hurricane hitting closer to home. If such a hurricane does strike, do you have the insurance coverage necessary to protect your finances?

It’s important to follow the tips below to make sure your home is protected.

  • Review your homeowners’ insurance policy to make sure values and coverages have been updated to include additions or renovations. 
  • Research what disasters are covered by your policy
  • Examine your policy to see if you need flood insurance
  • Secure your home
  • Have a basic Emergency Supply kit
  • Watch your local TV stations and frequent Weather Channel website

For important links for Rhode Island tips please see below:

RI Emergency Management Agency

RI State Police

RI Department of Health

For more information on hurricane deductibles, or if you have any questions about your  current homeowners’ policy, please call us at 401-253-6542. Don’t forget to visit our website and Facebook page for more information.