Reviewing Home Insurance in RI is Good Practice

July 03, 2012

Have you reviewed your home insurance in RI recently? Chances are, the policy has been sitting tucked away safely for some time while you’ve been busy getting on with things, and it
might be well overdue for a review.

There are a number of things that could have occurred in your home since you last checked your insurance that could impact on it now. We don’t always think about our coverage when we are upgrading appliances or electronic gear. Purchasing equipment for a new hobby or pastime – cameras, gym gear, and sporting equipment – could all start to add up. These things can all represent an increase in the value of your assets, and if something happens and you need to replace them, the costs could be more than your insurance will pay if you haven’t updated it as you made your purchases.

Any new addition to your home - whether it is an item or a renovation – means that you face greater replacement costs than you might have done. Your home insurance in RI, if it is to offer you optimum financial security and back up, needs to be reviewed and updated regularly. You’ll probably be well aware of the impact of big things like renovations, but don’t
forget that new purchases, especially big ticket items like TVs and gym gear, may also require some adjustments in your policy.