Protecting Your Family with an Alarm System and Homeowners Insurance in Rhode Island

December 01, 2011

While theft protection is typically included in homeowners insurance in Rhode Island, residents who have been the victims of a home invasion may suffer from more than financial burdens. Their comfort and peace of mind can be shattered after such a traumatic event. An alarm system is one way you can add a layer of preventative protection to your home.

How can you choose the best alarm system for your home? First you need to decide if you want a wired or wireless system. A wired system generally needs to be professionally installed and the wiring extended to every window or door you wanted included the protection. A wireless system has no cables, but some systems have limited coverage area.

The control panel is also very important. It should be easy to use and understand so your whole family can turn the alarm on. Typical control panels cover 8 zones, which are basically all the entrances you decide to include. This means all the ways into your house will be monitored and the alarm should be set off if someone tries to enter.

Even with your best efforts, some criminals may still break-in and take your belongings. Improving your home security be installing a monitored alarm system may even entitle you to a discount on your homeowners insurance in Rhode Island. Families who are in need of coverage or would like to find out which home security improvements can save them money on insurance should contact one of our agents today. With John Andrade Insurance Agency, Inc., you can get the coverage you need for your home. Contact us today for more information!