On a New Course

July 23, 2013

This story is less about the Golf course itself and more about the new owner’s approach on saving this business when many others were struggling and failing.

According to the July 1, 2013 ProJo story, three years ago, Crestwood Country Club was on the verge of becoming insolvent.  One of its members, Joe Moniz, eventually bought the club outright and set to work to turn it around.  His approach was new; rather than try to cut back and save money, he looked for ways to bring people and money back in. He spent money to modernize the clubhouse which made it more inviting to members and to weddings. He used the existing cooking facilities to do more catering and functions and he used the landscaping equipment to do landscaping for hire. Then he went out and sold the business soliciting more outside tournaments bringing in yet more revenue and exposing the facilities to potential new members.

The turnaround has been amazing. At a time when other clubs are still struggling, Crestwood is now expanding their outside cooking areas to make servicing the outdoor area more convenient and efficient for all members.

The beauty of Crestwood is that it is not just a golf course but a “Family Club” with two pools; you can even get a “Pool Only” membership. There is a large grassy area for summer games such as volleyball, badminton, or just kicking or tossing a ball around. There is also a jungle gym and basketball hoop for the kids. On select nights in the summer, there are special events with live music and dancing in the pool area. Hard work, a novel approach and an improved facility have all worked together to make Crestwood a success story.

At John Andrade Insurance we are happy to be part of the Crestwood story, providing insurance coverage to protect the owner’s and member’s investment.

We wish Crestwood CC and Joe Moniz continued success.