Motorcycle Insurance

April 25, 2011

Motorcycle Insurance…What did you Miss!!!

All you “easy riders” know you are required to purchase motorcycle insurance in Rhode Island.  The state only requires that you buy liability coverage at minimum state limits.  If you finance your bike, the bank makes you buy comprehensive and collision coverage.  Unfortunately that is about as far as most people get when the buy their motorcycle coverage.  The following are a list of additional things you should consider that most riders out there miss.

1)      The minimum liability limits in RI are $25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident for bodily injury and $25,000 for property damage.  For most of you these limits are TOTALLY inadequate.  The limits should match the limits you have on your personal auto insurance policy.

2)      Most bikers tell me that they are more worried about getting hit by another driver than in causing damage to another person.  There is a lot of truth to this statement.  So you have to make sure you purchase increased limits of UNINSURED/UNDERSURED Motorist coverage.  This coverage will protect YOU if you get hit by motorist with little or no RI automobile insurance.

3)      Guest Liability.  Make sure your policy provides this coverage.  Most insurance policies do but there are some carriers that might not automatically include it. 

4)      ACCESSORIES.  We know you like to “dress up” your bikes.  Chrome, fancy paint jobs, stereos, the list goes on.  These items are NOT covered by the standard motorcycle insurance policy.  They can all be covered if you ask. 

5)      Medical Payments.  This coverage is available but is EXPENSIVE.  Is also is a duplication of coverage if you have good medical insurance.  The rule of thumb is it might not be necessary if your medical insurance is great, if it is not great or you have no medical coverage buy as much of this converge as you can.

Ride safely, use a helmet, and make sure you talk to us at John Andrade Insurance Agency. We will give you all the options relating to insuring your bike and your ride!