MA business insurance and effective employment practices

February 21, 2012

Every business owner knows that it’s imperative to maintain good customer relations. Employee/staff relations may be just as important. A good rapport and relationship with staff is not only essential in ensuring employees are working at their best, it may even save you from potential lawsuits should staff have good reason to be disgruntled. Employment practices liability is a type of MA business insurance that may provide financial support if your business is found guilty of causing harm or distress to staff.

When might an employee have grounds to sue? You may be surprised. While discrimination and sexual harassment are obvious cases, some businesses have found themselves in trouble for wrongful discipline or termination, mismanagement of benefit funds, emotional distress and deprivation of career advancement. Employees have rights that need to be addressed, so it’s vital that all management staff members are well-informed of these rights and of their obligations. Employment practices need to be addressed at all times, so that supervisors and managers know that every action may have consequences.

Should you be interested in finding out more about employment practices liability, or other forms of employment insurance, feel free to contact your MA business insurance agent. Preparation and precaution are both key to a healthy and effective work environment.