Look What’s Happening in Warren, RI: AVTECH Software, Inc.

Look What’s Happening in Warren, RI: AVTECH Software, Inc.

April 05, 2017

If you are like many businesses, you probably go to great lengths to protect your office and property from natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other catastrophes.

Our customer – AVTECH Software, Inc. is an industry leading computer hardware and software developer and manufacturer. They specialize in computer programming and monitoring environmental conditions. AVTECH is a privately owned company with world headquarters located right in the heart of Warren, Rhode Island’s historic Cutler Mill. AVTECH’s products are manufactured in the United States with facilities located in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

Founded in 1988 by Chief Executive Officer, Michael Sigourney, the company’s customer base includes an impressive list of organizations in 180 countries throughout the world from Fortune 1000, to all branches of the United States government and military. Richard Grundy joined the company in 2001 and now serves as president.

Some customers include: Amazon, Bellagio – Las Vegas, Cisco, Comcast, Dow Jones, ESPN, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, NASA, Time Warner Cable, SAP, UPS, United States Postal Service, Verizon, Walt Disney Company and Yahoo. Amazon is their largest customer in the world.

For nearly 30 years, AVTECH has provided environment monitoring solutions protecting the critical assets of large and small companies throughout the world.

After relocating from Newport to Warren in 2009, the company renovated Cutler Mill to its historic condition and the property has created 100 jobs for Rhode Island, in the process.

Their main products are Room Alert (Computer room monitoring) , Device Manager  (Discover devices across network) and GoToMyDevices.com (Cloud monitoring manages room alert monitors).

If you’d like to learn more about the full line of products at AVTECH, check out their website or call them at 401-628-1600. Of course, you can also visit our partner in person. Learn more about the company by visiting their YouTube channel and click here for a company introduction video.

They are located at 16 Cutler Street – Cutler Mill, Warren, RI 02885. Stop by for a visit next time you are in the Warren area and see why so many of the world’s greatest companies hold them in high regard. They can truly save you time, money and protect your company assets!