Life Insurance, It’s not about YOU.

November 17, 2011

When you purchase Homeowner insurance in RI or Business Insurance in RI those purchases are made to protect YOU from a potential loss. When we purchase Life Insurance, we are not taking care of ourselves, instead we trying to protect those who are closest to us, our family. Spouses, children and business partners are who we are looking after when we purchase Life insurance.  A life insurance policy can keep your family in their home, provide for the future education of your children or help a business you own continue on after you are gone.  

There is no better time then today to review your life insurance needs.  Why??  Life insurance rates are lower then they have ever been.  Because people are living longer the insurance companies have reduced the rates on NEW life insurance policies.  You will find that what you paid for your policy 10 years ago will likely be more expensive than what you would pay for a new policy today!   

At John Andrade Insurance Agency, we represent many companies including those low cost, term insurance companies that you hear advertised on the TV and radio.  As your local RI Insurance agent, we can help design a life insurance program for you by providing you with the professional advice you need to determine just how much and exactly what type of life insurance best fits your specific needs.   

As Thanksgiving approaches we all have much to be thankful for.  Take some time to consider a review of your current Life insurance situation now, to make sure it will take care of those who depend on YOU.