Laptops on Beds a Fire Safety Concern

Laptops on Beds a Fire Safety Concern

September 28, 2015

Although Fire Prevention Week is a week away (October 4-10), a fire this weekend at one of our Insured’s rental apartments (see photo) inspired me to write a blog on an fire safety concern  many of us may not be aware of.

The fire in the apartment was caused by a laptop left on a bed!. Which of us hasn’t done that!

Apparently the battery can sometimes overheat to the point where is creates a fire.  It’snot always due to a defective battery, It can happen if the fan which is supposed to be cooling the motor is blocked by bedding or other fabric.

If you want to keep the laptop on your bed, turn it OFF, otherwise move it to a surface, like the floor or a desktop,  that can handle the heat and will not block the fan.

This message should be conveyed to all High School and College students who do so much work on their laptops and often in bed at night!