In RI and MA, Scam Artists are up to NEW Tricks!

In RI and MA, Scam Artists are up to NEW Tricks!

August 27, 2015

Both RI and MA residents have been getting calls from “the IRS” demanding money for “unpaid taxes” and threatening some action for unpaid items. Recently two coworkers at John Andrade Insurance were talking about calls we are getting on our business lines from the “IRS”. Some of you may have even fallen for these schemes and wired money because of threats by the scammers. Please be on the alert!

Steve Anderson is a technology expert whose article, “IRS Warns Taxpayers to Guard Against New Tricks by Scam Artists” warns about these IRS (and other) scams and gives you some tips as to how to tell if you are being scammed.

If you are unsure about a call, hang up and call the business directly (do not use the number the caller gives to you; use another line to the Company) to see if the claim is legitimate. Do not send any money as the result of a phone demand.  The article provides a number for the IRS which seems to be the most prevalent scam going on right now!

If only these scammers would put their talents to legitimate use, we’d all be a lot safer and happier!