How to Better Prepare for the Storm

February 15, 2013

In the past few months, New Englanders’ emergency preparedness has been greatly tested. Hurricane Sandy and Snowstorm Nemo left many without power, wondering what could have been done to better prepare for the storms. Many families and companies are now realizing that a generator would be a very sound investment.

Agility Recovery is a company that specializes in assisting other companies to be prepared for and able to recover from any emergency. They have provided customers with a checklist for what to do before and during a power outage. And with the unpredictability of weather in New England, it always pays to be prepared.

A key to being prepared is to take potentially power-threatening storms seriously. Have battery or crank powered flashlights and radios readily available. Make sure to all vehicles and generators are fueled up and ready to go. As far as security goes, make sure all security systems have a battery backup.

Once the power is out, it is important to unplug or turn off all electrical equipment. When there are power spikes, electrical devices can be damaged. Be sure to leave one light on, that way you know when power returns. Be sure to run your generator outdoors. Know how often you will need to refuel the generator, and have a schedule for when it can be refueled. Make sure to secure your generator in a well-lit area with proper security equipment protecting it.

To learn more about Agility Recovery and their services, visit them at their website.