How Does Your Location Affect Your MA Business Insurance Quotes?

May 11, 2012

Many business owners are unaware of how their location influences the rates they pay for business insurance. When incidents involving theft and vandalism occur in higher than average numbers, quite naturally you could expect to find this problem reflected in your MA business insurance quotes.

It does not take armed robbery and arson to generate higher insurance rates. In many instances, the premiums a business owner must pay are going to be higher than average due to multiple petty thefts and repeated acts of vandalism. These are usually non-violent crimes and occur quite often in urban areas. These types of ‘small time’ crimes are also very difficult to curtail. This means that the insurance providers may have to shoulder a heavier financial burden.

Even though your Massachusetts business may not be in a major crime area, the damages caused by vandals could mount up quickly. Spray-painted graffiti and broken windows may create problems that cost thousands of dollars to repair. While your insurance policy may compensate your business against these damages, the insurer may raise the rates if you make several claims.

A savvy business owner may be able to address these higher MA business insurance quotes by taking a proactive stance against theft and vandalism. Installing additional security measures such as motion activated video cameras, burglar alarms, and window bars all steps that may help business owners obtain a better rate – but speak to an agent to find out about how these might apply to your circumstances.