Home Insurance RI and Living Expenses In Case of a Disaster

March 06, 2012

While most people know that home insurance in RI may assist financially with the costs associated with damaged or destroyed homes and possessions, you may not realize that most home policies also include a provision for the expenses involved in living away from home. This may be particularly handy should you ever need to make a major claim

Specifically, this additional living expenses coverage may assist with accommodation and meal costs should you be forced to vacate while your home while is being repaired after a disaster. You would simply need to keep all receipts in order to make a claim for the living costs, and you have the option of taking out enough insurance to cover a set duration. While you of course have no way of knowing beforehand the degree of damage that any disaster might afflict, most insurers would recommend you take out enough insurance to at least cover a few days’ worth of living costs, and you can certainly purchase additional should you wish to.

It’s just another way that home insurance in RI may help you get back on your feet in the event of disaster. Do read your current policy if you are unsure of the nature of your current additional living expenses coverage (if any), and for advice on any aspect of your home insurance, be sure to speak to your agent.