Home Insurance in RI: Why it’s Wise to Review

March 28, 2012

While renovation has become immensely popular among homeowners, even those that eschew the saws and sanding machines might make regular changes to the home. Every time you fix a roof, purchase new furniture or install a fire extinguisher, it may impact your home insurance in RI. Would you like to know more?

Insurance is based on several factors of course, and any policy you purchase is generally based on your current circumstances at the time. Should you change anything about the home at all, it may affect the cost of your insurance and/or the amount that you might insure the home for, as the repair and rebuild costs may well have increased.

Several new expensive items such as electrical appliances or furniture might mean you need to check that you still have enough contents insurance to cover everything. On the other hand, install window locks and a security system, fire extinguishers or smoke alarms, and you add to your home’s safety features, which may mean you are eligible for a discount.

For effective home insurance, RI residents are advised to keep it current. Schedule a regular check of your home, update your home inventory as you make new purchases and if you ever feel you may need to update your policy, simply give your agent a call.