Home Insurance in RI: When You Need to Rebuild

March 20, 2012

Most people eschew thinking about disaster scenarios, with good reason. Yet when it comes to home insurance, RI residents are wise if they think outside the square. Essentially insurance may provide assistance were you ever to be struck by a major disaster, but you would need to have the correct amount and type of insurance in place.

When it comes to home insurance, the best advice is to ensure your home for the amount you would need to rebuild it entirely. Remember this is based on rebuilding costs rather than the current sale value of the home. You would also need to make sure the particular disaster that has affected your home is covered. As an example, standard home policies might include tornado and storm damage, but not earthquake or flood. It is possible to gain additional coverage for earthquake and flood however you would need to have done this of course prior to the event, and in the case of flood insurance, some 30 days before.

Always remember that it’s essential to read any insurance policy so that you know what you are covered for. Should you have any concerns about your type or amount of coverage, do remember that help is at hand. Your representative for home insurance in RI should be able to assist with advice and information to ensure your home is as well-protected as possible within your budget.