Home Insurance in RI Tips for Energy Efficient Homes

April 10, 2012

People have become much more energy aware in recent years, and there’s a growing interest in green energy and practices. Whether you are renovating, building, or you have an established home, there are some steps you might take to improve energy efficiency. You might also be interested in learning about home insurance in RI for greener homes.

A good first step for any homeowner is to familiarize yourself with the government’s Energy Star program. This program is designed to help protect the environment and help save money through the use of energy efficient products and services. By choosing an Energy Star-rated appliance such as a fridge or oven, or choosing Energy Star-rated building materials, you may help to heat, cool, cook and enjoy your home much more energy-efficiently. This could be good news for the environment and it may translate to huge savings on your utility bills. It’s even possible to find an Energy Star-rated builder to help you create your dream home with minimal impact on the environment.

Home insurance in RI providers are aware that many people are interested in helping to protect the environment, and ‘green’ insurance is a growing area that may reward you for choosing environmentally products and services. For full details, be sure to contact your insurance agent.