Home Insurance in RI for Cyclists

May 15, 2012

Keen cyclists know there is plenty of joy to be discovered by getting on a bike and hitting the road. Whether you ride just occasionally or are a seasoned two-wheel convert, it’s probably worth knowing how your bicycle might be protected by your home insurance in RI.

The basic point to note is that bicycles are generally covered by standard home insurance. However, as every policy may vary slightly, it’s always wise to read your contract thoroughly, so you know just those circumstances where you are covered. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding – after a disaster – that you could easily have been protected but weren’t.

It may be that your bike is insured bike against theft, fire damage or damage from another disaster such as a hail storm or hurricane. You might even have liability protection were you to cause harm to another person or property in a bike accident. It’s also important to note that most home policies have a cap value per item, so if you have a very expensive bike, you might need to insure it under separate valuable items coverage.

A bike may be a great asset to your home, health, and even wallet (you’ll save on petrol). It’s a good idea to seek professional advice when buying a bicycle. So too, professional advice may make all the difference when deciding on extra home insurance in RI coverage for valuable items.