Home Insurance in RI and Your Roof

April 30, 2012

When it comes to designing and redecorating our homes, many of us might not give a lot of thought to the roof. Yet roofing may play a vital role in protecting your home. While the right home insurance in RI may assist you financially if your home is hit by lightning, a storm, or tornado, it makes sense to try and minimize damage where possible.

There are a whole range of roofing materials available, and many may fit into the wind-resistant and hail-resistant categories. There are also steps you can take to help seal your roof from wind and water. This might take the form of a foam sealant material applied to the underside of the roof, specially designed vents which direct water away from the building and extra layers applied to the roof deck. A roofing specialist should have plenty of information on your options, and be able to suggest what might be of benefit depending on where you live and what kind of storms your area is prone to.

Storms cause millions of dollars of damage across the country every year. Help protect your home with added safety features, and financially protect yourself with the right home insurance in RI policy. To check that you have adequate insurance, or to find out whether additional safety features could make you eligible for a discount, contact your insurance agent.