Home Insurance in RI and Home Lighting

April 24, 2012

Lighting has the potential to set the perfect mood, and help transform your home into a beautiful haven. Whether you’re partial to down lights, chandeliers, contemporary fittings or retro floor lamps, lighting is much more than a look. Safety is certainly of prime importance when you are dealing with electrical appliances, so when it comes to your lighting it’s important to play it cautiously. Here are a few tips, and information on how home insurance in RI may assist.

Every light fitting should only be installed by a professional electrician. Down lights in particular have been known to cause electrical fires due to not being installed correctly, so this is no time to be a home handyman. Once you have your light fittings installed, it’s also possible to protect them with surge protectors. These are electrical devices that help diffuse a power surge that might occur during an electrical storm. Surges could not only destroy electrical items, they may lead to fire. Safety features such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers may of course be useful in any home.

Your home insurance in RI may help protect you financially in the event of a fire or damage from thunderstorm. Your insurance may also cover the replacement costs of lights and lamps from theft, or damage at the hands of a disaster listed in your policy. Contact us for more information on insurance coverage for your home.