Home insurance and dealing with major storm damage in RI

August 13, 2012

When a major storm impacts your area and you are dealing with extensive damage, there are some things you need to consider when you’re making a claim on your home insurance. It will, no doubt, be an incredibly stressful experience, so having some awareness of the issues before you might need to cope with it could help you if you have a situation like this sometime in the future.

  • You will need to wait for an all clear before you go back to your home if you have been evacuated. Don’t risk your safety or those of emergency crews by being impatient. 
  • Take a camera with you when you go to evaluate the damage and take photographs before anything is moved.
  • Get emergency repairs done if required to prevent further damage, and keep all the receipts for your claim – if you’re unsure as to what constitutes an emergency repair, ask your agent or insurance company.
  • Get quotes for more extensive repair work and keep them handy for the adjuster.
  • Keep any receipts for temporary accommodation if you are unable to go back to your house until work is completed – you will need those for your claim as well.
  • Be aware that if the storm was widespread, yours will be one of many claims that your RI insurance company will be processing. Stay in touch with your agent for updates.

Keep your home insurance policies up to date, and make sure you have any extra coverage for types of disasters not covered by your standard home policy. Do what preparations you can so that you have strategies in place should the need arise to evacuate any time in the future.