Hiring Subcontractors? Protect Yourself!

Hiring Subcontractors? Protect Yourself!

May 08, 2017

Construction work is picking up here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts as the warmer weather has moved in to our region. Our representatives here at John Andrade Insurance Agency, Inc. in Bristol, Rhode Island want to make sure you’re safe next time your hire a subcontractor.

Hiring Subcontractors?

Are you a general contractor looking to hire subcontractors?

Why is it so important to have a firm contract?

As a contractor, from time to time you may need to hire another tradesman for a particular job. When you hire this subcontractor, you become vulnerable to lawsuits from claims of an unsafe workplace from this sub. It is important to obtain written contracts prior to hiring a subcontractor.

The first step should be to require a written contract for the work to be performed. This contract is better known as a “Hold Harmless” or “Master Subcontract Agreement”

These contracts include a Scope of Work, Indemnification, Additional Insured and Primary and Noncontributory language. This contract should be signed by both you and your subcontractor. We have sample contracts that are easy to use and will be happy to provide to you.

Along with these Hold Harmless contracts, you should always obtain Certificates of Insurance that show current General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage.

By doing these two simple tasks, you can avoid becoming responsible from lawsuits and also for injuries that you didn’t intend to cover. These practices should help to better safeguard your business and assets in the event that a loss does occur.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our agency. We can be reached at 401-253-6542!