Flood Protection with Homeowners Insurance in Rhode Island?

February 09, 2012

When considering the purchase of homeowners insurance in Rhode Island residents should consider it a blessing rather than an expense. With the right policy, you can get aid in repairing or rebuilding after a disaster. As the 2012 hurricane season draws closer many homeowners will be preparing for the coming storms and ensuring they have coverage for hurricane damage in place.

In a certain town in the Ocean State, the level of anxiety during severe weather may be lower than other places in Rhode Island. Why is that? Thirty years ago, Providence built a hurricane barrier. It is made of 3 large, curved gates – 40 feet tall, 40 feet wide, and 56 tons. The inspiration for this construction was two deadly storms, which combined, killed more than 300 people and flooded downtown areas of the city. It took the Army Corps of Engineers about 6 years and $16 million to complete.

In 1991, the barrier faced its first real challenge when Hurricane Bob swept through. While the storm brought with it an 8.1 foot surge, the barrier kept all but a few feet from invading the city, which did not surprise the city authorities since it was designed to handle up to 20 feet of water.

Does your town boast a similar barrier? While these gates may help limit the damage of a hurricane, they cannot eliminate it. This is why it is vital that everyone has hurricane and other relevant homeowners insurance, Rhode Island residents included. It can help with the inevitable repair bills that follow severe storms.