Do you have a disaster plan for your business?

July 05, 2012

When you own a business in Rhode Island, you need to have an appropriate mixture of the best business insurance in Rhode Island you can afford. That goes without saying. However, that’s not where your risk management should end.

One vital task you should get to if you haven’t already, is to create a disaster plan. This is something that needn’t take long, and could prove invaluable if the worst happens. How you put it together will depend on a number of things, but this list can help get you started:

  • Get all your insurance policies, inventories, and vital contact numbers together in a waterproof container and make sure it is easily accessible. Make copies and store them in an alternative location.
  • Set up an evacuation plan and run regular drills with all your staff so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.
  • Always back up all your electronic files and keep copies safely stored elsewhere.
  • Do some contingency planning and source possible alternative sites in the event that your buildings are too damaged to maintain operations

There may be other things you need to think about for your business, depending on what you do and how vulnerable you might be in the event of a major disaster. You can’t plan for everything though, so make sure your business insurance in Rhode Island is current and you add extra coverage to provide you with sufficient financial back up if the worst happens.