Do Not Let the Winter Ruin Your Vehicle’s Battery and Add to Your Premiums for Car Insurance

December 12, 2011

Rhode Island is one of the most northern states on the east coast. Thanks to its position, the state’s winters often consist of temperatures well below freezing. Along with keeping up-to-date with their auto insurance in Rhode Island, residents also have to worry about the affect winter has on their cars. One of the most common issues drivers experience during cold weather is a dead battery. Why does this occur?

Because of the constant snow and bad weather, it is not uncommon for vehicles to be left sitting for days, sometimes weeks at a time. With various systems continuing to pull power from the battery even while the engine is off, it is not surprising that the battery can become drained.

You can prevent dead batteries by taking the time start your car every few days and run it for about 15 minutes. When it comes time to replace your car’s battery, look for one with the highest CCA rating. This stands for cold cranking amps, which is a term used to describe the battery’s ability to start in cold climates.

With your car ready and able to take you on a winter drive it’s also important to first obtain the proper auto insurance in Rhode Island because winters around here are no joke. Snow and ice provide very poor driving conditions and collisions are not uncommon during this time of year. With adequate coverage, you can ensure you are not left footing the bill for repairs.