Construction Bonds!

Construction Bonds!

May 03, 2017

Construction Bonds – License & Permit, Bid, and Performance & Payment – They are much easier to get than you think!

Spring is in full swing here in Bristol and Warren, Rhode Island and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about upcoming work for the season and some of this work may require bonds. We here at John Andrade Insurance Agency, Inc. work with bonds on a daily basis and have dedicated experts that can help you obtain any required bonds that you may need.

Some links to the companies we partner with that give out bonds include:

License and Permit Bonds are simple to get and very inexpensive. License and Permit bonds are typically Road Opening, Drainlaying, and Excavation just to name a few. The cost is typically $100.00 per year and can be automatically renewed as needed or cancelled after the first year if no longer needed.

Bid, Performance & Payment bonds are called “Contract” Bonds and also can be easily obtained by a short application that will prequalify a contractor for limits up to $350,000 based on a credit score, no formal financial information needed. So don’t let a bond scare you away from bidding or going after bonded work. Call our agency at 401-253-6542 and we’ll get you ready!