Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

April 07, 2017

Even though the weather may not feel spring like right now, warmer temperatures are on the way here in Bristol and Warren, Rhode Island. With warmer weather, brings the excitement of getting your classic vehicles out for a nice Saturday evening car show or a Sunday Drive. We know how you all value your vehicles and take excellent care of them. With that comes the proper insurance that should be carried on your vehicle.

If you are lucky enough to own a classic or antique car then you know the need for special insurance. These cars are a special breed of vehicles. As such, they often need special classic car insurance. Insuring a classic car is not quite the same as getting a basic liability policy for your regular car. You’re going to want to get specialized coverage to protect your prized possession in any circumstance. The good news about classic car insurance is that you can often get price break based on mileage, since classic cars tend not to be driven as much as other cars.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, regular auto insurance is not sufficient enough to protect a classic, collectible or antique car against damage or loss. Classic cars gain value over time and insurance needs to match the vehicle’s value. Adjusting coverage may be needed as the value appreciates.

Qualifications for Coverage:

  • Limited Use
  • Car Shows and Meetings
  • Secure Storage
  • A Clean Driving Record

Even if you never drive your classic car, you’ll still want to protect it from perils like fire, vandalism and theft. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk with an insurance professional at John Andrade Insurance to see if you’re interested in classic car insurance. One of our agents will be able to advise you about the right coverage at the right price for your classic or antique car.

Give us a call for a quote with Hagerty Insurance who also values how important your vehicle is. They cover your vehicle and offer many additional add-ons that you can purchase for piece of mind as you are enjoying the warmer months cruising around enjoying the weather. We’ve got you covered. Contact John Andrade Insurance at 401-253-652 for more information on classic car insurance.