Bump up your home security when you live alone – and reap potential insurance benefits

September 11, 2012

Many more people are living alone in RI, and not necessarily because they have no other option. For many, it can be a lifestyle choice – a chance to have guaranteed space at the end of each busy day where catering to other people’s needs isn’t part of the picture. There are some concerns for those living solo, particularly women, and addressing them can be of use in managing your home insurance.

Security becomes that much more important when you live alone. You may be much more vulnerable if you are targeted by thieves so you need to ensure that you have top-notch home security. Install security chains on all your external doors, as well as peep holes so you can see who is on the other side before you open it. Get your friends in the habit of calling before they come over so that you know when to expect visitors so you can be alert for a possible stranger if you have a surprise knock at the door. Be careful when you’re out at parties and other events with people you don’t know – don’t advertise that you live alone.

A number of security features that you should install – including deadbolts on windows and exterior doors and smoke alarms – can net you discounts on your home insurance. It’s worth checking with your RI insurance agent what else can help keep your insurance costs down as, along with your other household expenses, you’re flying solo with those as well, so keeping to a budget is important.