Beware! Yet another phone scam targets Bristol RI residents.

Beware! Yet another phone scam targets Bristol RI residents.

June 09, 2016

The scenario: You get a call from a relative who is in some trouble, often claiming a legal or serious financial issue (drunk driving/car accident or the “Utility” is about to shut down their business) that they can “get out of” if they can have some CASH wired to them by “noon tomorrow”.

There may often be a 3rd party involved who is the person who will make the whole thing work out.

The relative sounds real on the phone; the 3rd party sounds like they are from a legitimate company or legal office.

The big tip off is the cash payment and wiring the money; don’t ever do it.

Do your best to verify the info. Call the relative back on their own phone. Call an office of the “3rd party ” (maybe it’s a Utility like National Grid etc). If at any point you feel suspicious, trust your instincts!  Then call the local Police to see if they have had reports of this kind of thing happening in the area. As our employees found out,there had been several reports of this same kind of thing happening right here in Bristol.  So be aware and never send anyone cash under unusual circumstances or the next victim will be you!