Are all your employees trained in fire safety?

August 31, 2012

Fire in a business premise can be absolutely disastrous, and one of the contributing factors to the level of loss you may experience can be lack of training to deal with the crisis. As a consequence, you may suffer a far greater loss, which could impact your business insurance enormously, and set your Rhode Island business back considerably.

There is no doubt that cries of “FIRE!” can induce a level of panic that can lead to a significant worsening of an emergency situation. Proper training and procedures for all staff is vital if you are to avoid chaos that could worsen things.

Have your business premises assessed for fire risk. Your local fire authorities may be able to assist with this. You could also call the representative from the company who supply you with fire extinguishers. The latter may be able to assist with training in the use of their extinguishers, as everyone in your business should know who to use the various types you have and an expert in their use should do any training that is required. It’s important to be aware that different types of fires may require the use of different extinguishers, and failure to use the appropriate one could exacerbate the situation.

Build regular fire training into your business schedule. It could be an important means of minimizing claims on your business insurance. Also, call your Rhode Island insurance agent to ensure that your coverage is up to date and you have sufficient to provide you with the funds to rebuild if the worst happens.