A Gift of Life Insurance for Valentine’s Day

A Gift of Life Insurance for Valentine’s Day

February 02, 2015

It’s February and what better way to begin the month dedicated to love than to congratulate the team we love the New England Patriots as Champions of Super Bowl XLIX!!!

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, our thoughts can turn to Valentine’s Day and all the other “loves”  in our life.  And while we all will stress to some degree as to the best way to express that love, how many of you will consider a gift of Life Insurance?  The fact is, people buy life insurance because they love someone and want to protect them financially.

While not as dramatic as a dozen red roses or as delicious as a dinner out, a gift of life insurance might be one of the the most important gifts you can give to those you care for. Life insurance will free your loved one from the extreme financial hardship your passing could place on them.

Of course I don’t recommend that you wrap up a policy as your Valentine’s Day present, but I do recommend you take some time in February to meet with your insurance professional and discuss your life insurance needs.  Life Insurance is very affordable right now, so it could be the best time for you to buy.

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