Information Security

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At John Andrade Insurance Agency we pride ourselves in our ability to protect our local community and clients in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Did you know that 1 in every 10 U.S. consumers have been victimized by Identity Theft—many without even knowing it. It can happen anywhere, at any time and to anyone—and as a local business owner you face a unique set of risks and responsibilities. If your business maintains or collects people’s personal information, you are required to protect that information from theft or misuse. Businesses across the country – virtually in all industries – are facing increased regulatory and liability risks related to the loss of private information concerning their employees, as well as their customers.

Every business must comply with specific State and Federal guidelines as Identity Theft has significantly raised liability for all companies. Penalties for non-compliance can cost thousands of dollars in fines per occurrence.

At John Andrade Insurance Agency, we’ve been protecting individuals, families and businesses from fraud for years, consistently providing the most effective and affordable Identity Theft coverage. We pride ourselves in offering customized plans that meet your unique needs.

So why wait? Learn how you can implement a no cost program for your business and significantly reduce your exposure. At John Andrade Insurance Agency we are dedicated to serving you, so contact us today!